Iraq War Vet Wins Spot to Run Against "Cold Blooded" Murtha

“When John Murtha threw the (innocent) Haditha Marines under the bus, John Murtha put the United States Congress’s stamp of approval on enemy propaganda.”

Lt. Colonel William Russell
Republican Congressional Candidate on “Cold-blooded” John Murtha

Here is Lt. Colonel William Russell one of 17 Republican Iraq Combat Veterans running for US Congress this year:

Cold-Blooded Murtha will face a Republican opponent this fall.
The Corner reported:


Rep. Jack Murtha (D-Pa.) will have an opponent this year after all. A judge had kicked retired Lt. Col. William Russell (R), a veteran of both Iraq Wars, off the ballot earlier this year for lack of valid petition signatures. A legal challenge had winnowed him down to just 993, whereas he needed 1,000 signatures. This gave Murtha a shot at an unopposed victory in the fall, as there were no other Republican challengers.

Russell did not give up, though. To qualify for the November ballot, he had to get at least 1,000 write-in votes in the district yesterday to qualify for the ballot. His consultants saw this as doable, but still a challenge in a primary where there was really nothing happening on the Republican side — not even a decent local race to attract voters to the polls. Considering that Republican turnout was already going to be low, and only a small percentage of voters ever think to write in a name, you might think they’d be lucky to get just enough to qualify.

Well, think again. I’m told that the count now stands at 4,700 write-in votes for Russell.

This email was sent out earlier by Jason Bootie on the write-in campaign for Lt. Colonel William Russell:

Thanks to a lot of hard work on the part of a lot of campaign volunteers and Peg Luksik’s organizational and team building skills, it looks like we are back on the ballot. Thank you all for all the enthusiasm, phone calls, footwork, and prayers. It would not have been possible without you! We needed 1000 votes to be listed on the ballot for the General Election in November.

Here are the preliminary and partial reports so far:
Washington County 764
Greene 381
Allegheny 24
Armstrong 412
Somerset 26
Cambria unavailable
Westmoreland unavailable
Fayette unavailable
Indiana unavailable


You can contribute to Lt. Colonel William Russell’s campaign HERE.

And- Here is the list of the 17 Republican Iraq War Veteran candidates running for US Congress this year.

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