Iranian Students Jailed For "Desecrating Islam"

For burning photos of Ahmadinejad and chanting “Down With Dictator” against him, three student leaders at Amir Kabir University were imprisoned for “Desecrating Islam.”

Majid Tavakkoli, Ehsan Mansouri and Ahmad Ghassaban have been sentenced to three ‎years, two years, and two and a half years in prison, respectively. There is no evidence in ‎this case other than confessions extracted from the student under torture at the infamous ‎Ward 209 in Evin Prison. ‎

MEMRI and Shariah Finance Watch reported:

An Iranian court has handed down prison sentences ranging from 22 to 30 months to students from Amir Kabir University students, who have been detained for about a year, for desecrating the sanctity of Islam.

The students said that the real reason for their sentence is their participation in the students’ demonstration during a visit of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the university, and their burning of his picture.

The families of the students stated that their confessions were extracted from them under pressure and torture.

Source: Rooz, Iran, April 16, 2008; Amir Kabir University students’ paper, Iran, April 14 and 15, 2008.

The students also mocked Ahmadinejad outside of the event at Amir Kabir University…
And, took video of the protest:

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