Gays In the Netherlands Turn Conservative

There is a very interesting development taking place in the Netherlands.
Since 2000 and the huge spike in gay bashing, Dutch gays are flocking to the right-wing political parties.
Gates of Vienna reported:

Last year during Gay Pride several gay people were attacked simultaneously in broad daylight in different parts of Amsterdam. Groups of Muslim juveniles now prey on gays, no matter where or at what time. One isn’t even safe in the gay red light district anymore. At the moment one doesn’t have to carry a gun (yet), but would surely be helpful and far more effective than the protection offered by the police. Guns are very illegal in Holland, but I would recommend a sturdy cane or strong umbrella. That isn’t (yet) illegal.

Teachers at “black” schools (school where the majority of pupils are Muslim or other ethnic minorities) today have to hide their sexual identity and their partner or spouse, as it is not accepted by their students. The few that were silly enough to let it slip out were pestered until they found employment elsewhere. School management… Well, what can I say? Perhaps that they have magnificent red rugs? Excellent for sweeping inconvenient truths under?

In the meantime, things changed. Remember Pim Fortuyn? He almost became prime minister, despite the fact he was gay, and very vocal about it. Vocal in the sense of: “Me, gay? Yeah. What about it?” You might call him a Teflon politician, but in a positive way. No slander ever stuck on Fortuyn. And believe me, people did try! Fortuyn showed the nation that being gay doesn’t mean you have to be automatically left-wing. It also showed conservative people that gays can be excellent politicians, or highly capable managers. Fortuyn was regrettably murdered, but his performance showed gays could do very well in the conservative camp.


Add two and two together: gays aren’t any more interested in being left-wing that you or me. They want to be themselves. No need to advertise your sexual preference, either way. You don’t shout from the rooftops you’re straight; neither do most gay people find it important to scream to the world they are gay. All they want is to be left in peace, and live their lives as they prefer.

It used to be possible only within the left wing camp to make a career as a gay politician. Fortuyn showed differently, and his stand pointed the way. Today many gays realize their bread and butter are conservative.

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