Dutch Hardcore Islamist Rapper Sues Geert Wilders

In the film Fitna Geert Wilders inserted the photo of Dutch Islamic rapper Salah Edin (pictured on left) by mistake. Wilders meant to show Mohammed Bouyeri (pictured on right), the murderer of Theo van Gogh.

Klein Verzet has much more on Salah Edin’s radical past and reported that he is suing Geert Wilders over the movie “Fitna”:

In 2007 it was Salah Edin who had send around his photo look-a-like as Mohammed Bouyeri when he was promoting his CD in Dutch media. Then it was also mixed up with the real Mohamed Bouyeri and Dutch newspaper DAG used it in a publication. The newspaper rectified the story. Geert Wilders also removed his picture from the Fitna film but Salah Edin wants 25.000 euro financial compensation from Geert Wilders. He has gone to the court claiming that it is now against his will to be associated with murder, extremism and terrorism.

In one of his videos Saleh Edin wore a Hezbollah T-Shirt.
But, now he is suing Geert Wilders for being associated with terrorism(?)

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