Drunk Mugabe Thugs Force White Farmers From Their Land

Robert Mugabe and his militant thugs are not taking their election defeat very well…
But, they are taking the white owned farms.

Zimbabwe riot police run during a training session in the capital Harare April 3, 2008. (Philimon Bulawayo/Reuters)

The militants took the white-owned farms in response to Mugabe’s defeat at the polls(Huh?)They were extremely drunk and unpleasant, after getting free beer from the regime.

The AP and LGF Quick links reported:


White farmers in Zimbabwe say militants loyal to President Robert Mugabe’s ruling party have forced three cattle ranchers off their land.

A fourth is holding out with about 50 militants threatening to break down his farm gates.

The land grabs, revealed Sunday, come as Mugabe and his party confront massive elections losses and an expected presidential runoff.

Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe since his guerrilla army helped overthrow white minority rule in 1980.

His popularity has been battered by an economic collapse following the often-violent seizures of white-owned commercial farms since 2000.

Mugabe thugs raided the opposition headquarters on Friday.

The opposition in Zimbabwe is bracing for a dirty war by the Mugabe regime.

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