Classy Dem Dragged From Hillary Event- Tries to Pi$$ On Floor

Deranged woman dragged from Hillary event– Tries to pi$$ on the floor!
This Democratic campaign is getting ugly- Really ugly.

Actor Ted Danson (C) gets help reading a question from wife Mary Steenburgen (L) and US Democratic presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) at a “Hillary Live” fundraising event at the Wilshire Theater in Beverly Hills, California, April 3, 2008. (REUTERS/Mark Avery)

A woman was dragged kicking, biting and screaming from a Hillary event last night in California. The secret service dragged the woman from the Wilshire Theater in Los Angeles after she started screaming that she was the only black person in the room.
Ben Smith at The Politico reported:

A Clinton volunteer at the Wilshire writes that he witnessed what happened before the woman was arrested:

“Not only did she attack another person at the event (she literally bit a woman, which drew blood and required bandages), she was screaming profanities and tried to urinate in the doorway to the theater! She was both verbally and physically confrontational to volunteers (I was one of them) and to the Secret Service, as well!”

Ben Smith has audio of the tirade.
It sounds like an Obama plant.

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