Chinese Troops Are Patrolling the Streets In Zimbabawe

China is exporting more than just arms to Robert Mugabe.

South African union workers refused to unload the 77 tons of weapons destined for Mugabe in the Chinese, state-owned cargo vessel, the An Yue Jiang, anchored along South Africa’s coast last week. (SFGate) The ship fled the South Africa port on Friday night. International union dock workers are encouraging members not to unload the dangerous cargo in Mozambique and Angola.

There are more reports that Chinese troops are patrolling the streets in Zimbabwe.
The Independent reported:

Chinese troops have been seen on the streets of Zimbabwe’s third largest city, Mutare, according to local witnesses. They were seen patrolling with Zimbabwean soldiers before and during Tuesday’s ill-fated general strike called by the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

Earlier, 10 Chinese soldiers armed with pistols checked in at the city’s Holiday Inn along with 70 Zimbabwean troops.

One eyewitness, who asked not to be named, said: “We’ve never seen Chinese soldiers in full regalia on our streets before. The entire delegation took 80 rooms from the hotel, 10 for the Chinese and 70 for Zimbabwean soldiers.”

Officially, the Chinese were visiting strategic locations such as border posts, key companies and state institutions, he said. But it is unclear why they were patrolling at such a sensitive time. They were supposed to stay five days, but left after three to travel to Masvingo, in the south.

China’s support for President Mugabe’s regime has been highlighted by the arrival in South Africa of a ship carrying a large cache of weapons destined for Zimbabwe’s armed forces. Dock workers in Durban refused to unload it.

Blogger News Network says there are North Korean troops in Zimbabwe, too:


Chinese and North Korean troops were also in evidence alongside Mugabe’s own troops when he attended a rally in Harare recently. I believe the Chinese and North Korean troops are now needed to stiffen Zimbabwean military support for Mugabe. There are increasing signs that not all the police, or the military, are still willing to enforce Mugabe’s murderous rule.

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