Cattle Call in Venezuela

Fausta reports on the latest Chavez induced tragedy in Venezuela including the continued shortages of food essentials:

At 7:15AM near Guaraguao-Anzoategui stadium (in the state which presently produces and processes the most oil), people were placed in a metal structure to stand in line for buying two kilos of milk per person. PDVSA was in charge of the sale.
(Translated by Fausta)

More Chavez meddling… HACER Organization passed this on from Diario Correo:

The leader of the ruling Colorado Party in Paraguay, Juan Carlos Galaverna, said a few days ago that the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, financed the former Bishop Fernando Lugo (a Leftist). “Chavez financed Lugo,” he accused. Similarly, President Nicanor Duarte claimed that “agitators of Venezuela and Ecuador” came to his country “for blurring the elections.”

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