Bush-Basher Who Beat Girl in Wheelchair Insists He Was the Victim (Video) …Update: Victim Speaks!

UPDATE: Maureen Lovetro the disabled girl who was pummelled by a Bush-basher while she waited to catch a glimpse of Laura Bush this week called into Sean Hannity on Friday.
The Bush-basher beat her in her wheelchair.
Maureen Lovetro, 18, suffers from cerebral palsy.
Here is the video, via MySpace:

Obviously, Maureen has a much different story than the man who attacked her.
Maureen says the Truthers and Leftists are threatening her family now.
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The Bush-basher who pummelled a handicapped girl in a wheelchair this week insists he was the victim.
He says he was attacked by the wheelchair bound girl outside an event with Laura and Jenna Bush and that she was used as a human shield.

Bush-bashing reached a new low this week…

Maureen Lovetro, 18, who has cerebral palsy was waiting to see Laura Bush when Bush-basher Gary started pounding on her. He punched Maureen in the shoulder blades and then started beating her thighs.


Gary or German Talis from We Are Change, a 9-11 Truther group, says he was attacked by the girl in the wheelchair:

Here are a few lines from the video testimony:

I was trying to walk away and he took his wheelchair and they rammed me in the side. His behavior was very suspicious… It was very unfortunate that they (Secret Service) did not let me even close to her. A person with a daughter in a wheelchair was upset with what I was saying. He took his daughter and slammed her into my side. At the same time he kicked me. The next thing I knew the secret service was on me. Afterwards it was very upsetting that this man was released. He wasn’t even questioned… They used their daughter as a human shield… They reared me in the side with their handicapped daughter. They were trying to pound on me. NYPD did everything in their power not to stop this violent act as they chose to choose me as the culprit in this incident.

The We Are Change folks are treating Gary like a hero.

Raging Bush-Basher Pummels Disabled Girl in Wheelchair!

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