Bummer… Bubba Watches Hillary's Campaign Office Burn Down

Bubba said this was a sign that Hillary’s campaign will- “Rise from the ashes like the Phoenix.”
… Or, not.

President Bill Clinton stops in Terre Haute Friday morning to survey fire damage at the Hoosiers for Hillary campaign office enroute to Clinton, Ind., for a campaign rally today in South Vermillion High School. (TribStar Submitted photo/First Financial Bank/First Financial Corp.)

Bill Clinton happened to be driving by Hillary’s Campaign headquarters in Terre Haute, Indiana today. He decided to stop after he noticed the building was burning down.
The AP reported:

Fire destroyed a campaign office of presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton in western Indiana early Friday.

Two people were inside when the fire broke out but escaped without injuries, said Terre Haute Fire Department spokesman John Gardner.

Gardner said nothing so far had indicated the fire was arson.

“But we’re doing a full investigation on it like any other commercial structure fire,” he said.

Former President Clinton stopped briefly outside the burned building Friday on his way to a campaign speech in the small city of Clinton about 20 miles north of Terre Haute.

“Our young workers here are undeterred, and they’re ready to roll so we’ll get it going,” he said.

Clinton laughed when asked whether the fire was a bad sign for his wife’s campaign. “No, I think this is a good omen,” he said. “We’ll rise from the ashes like the Phoenix.”

A volunteer firefighter driving past the building in a commercial district along U.S. 41 south of the city’s downtown spotted flames on the roof shortly after midnight and warned those inside, Gardner said.

Bubba took time out to sign a few autographs while he was there.

Terre Haute attorney Mike Ellis gets an autograph from former President Bill Clinton as Terre Haute firefighter Norm Loudermilk (far right) looks on. Clinton stopped this morning in Terre Haute to survey damage from a fire at the Hoosiers for Hillary campaign office on Third Street. (TribStar Submitted photo/Kal Ellis)

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