BREAKING: Colombian President Uribe Blasts Barack Obama

–Another ticked off foreign leader.

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, the most important US ally in the Andean region, is the latest foreign leader to blast the Democrat candidates for their campaign rhetoric.

American ally Colombian President Alvara Uribe visited a school today in Bogota. (Colombia Presidential website)

The official website of Colombian President Alvaro Uribe released this statement today:
(This article was translated into English)

President Uribe Refers to Statements by Democratic Candidate Barak Obama on the Colombian Free Trade Agreement

Florencia, Caqueta, April 02 (SP). In an interview on Wednesday at American newspaper Wall Street Journal, President Alvaro Uribe referred to the recent statements by Democratic candidate for the presidency of the USA Barak Obama, Barak Obama, on the FTA between Colombia and the United States, who is in the United States Congress. These were his words:

“I regret that Senator Obama (Barak), aspiring to be President of the United States, ignore the efforts of Colombia. I think that his political calculation, he is making a statement that does not correspond to the reality of Colombia.

I would ask, on behalf of all Colombians, who are aware of the efforts being made in Colombia, the progress that Colombia has made, in spite of everything that is needed; who becomes aware properly before making these pronouncements that do harm.”

Hat Tip A. M. Mora y Leon

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