Biased Media Reports Outrageous Military Suicide Numbers

Bob Owens noticed some very shoddy reporting today at the San Francisco Chronicle:

SFGate reported:

More than 120 veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq commit suicide every week while the government stalls in granting returning troops the mental health treatment and benefits to which they are entitled, veterans advocates told a federal judge Monday in San Francisco.

120 suicides every week???
That comes out to 6,240 veteran suicides each year or 17 suicides every day.

Actually, that number is about four times higher (1,858 in 2006) than the total military fatalities each year.
That number is also 40 times higher than the total number of military suicides in 2006.
In 2006, 155 US military members in all branches committed suicide:

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In fact the average number of suicides dropped during the Bush years compared to the Clinton years.

But, leave it to the mainstream media to report some hugely inaccurate military fatality numbers and not question it.
Did anyone read this before it was published???

Dan Collins adds this: “If one veteran of the wars kills himself weekly, it’s a tragedy. These morons have turned it into a farce.”

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