Bail Set For Teens In Vicious Florida Cheerleader Beating

Bail was set today for the teens who viciously beat the Florida girl and filmed the beating.
Each was held on at least $30,000 bond.
The teens will all be charged as adults.

(Left to Right) Brittany Mayes, 17; Mercades Nichols, 17; Cara Murphy, 16 (The Orlando Sentinel)

(Left to Right) April Cooper, 14; Brittni Hardcastle, 17; Kayla Hassell, 15 (The Orlando Sentinel)

The girls who kidnapped and viciously attacked a fellow student made their court appearance today.
The Orlando Sentinel reported:


Prosecutors had decided on Thursday to charge seven Polk County teens — accused of pummeling a 16-year-old and videotaping it for YouTube and MySpace — as adults. An eighth teen is 18 years old and already is considered an adult under the law.

During the session, none of the teenagers spoke, although they showed a range of emotions from being upset to laughing and giggling. During her part of the hearing, Brittany Mayes, who faces a kidnapping charge which is punishable by up to life in prison, tilted her head with a somber expression on her face. She also faces charges of battery and tampering with a witness.

All eight face charges of battery and kidnapping, punishable by up to life in prison. They are Mercades Nichols, 17; April Cooper, 14; Brittni Hardcastle, 17; Kayla Hassell, 15; Brittany Mayes, 17; Cara Murphy, 16; Zachary Ashley, 17; and Stephen Schumaker, 18.

Nichols, Hardcastle and Mayes face an additional charge of tampering with a witness, which carries up to a five-year prison term.

Here is the video that the Polk County officials released of the brutal beating:
that the Polk County officials released:

The teen was knocked out and when she gained consciousness the rest of the girls beat her.

Cheerleader Victoria Lindsay, 17, who at one stage passed out after having her head hit against a wall, was left with concussion and severe bruising around her head. She is having trouble hearing out of one ear and her vision was reportedly blurred after the attack.

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