AP Asks Barack About OBAMA Bin Laden

Just when things looked like they could not get any worse for the elitist from Illinois…

It happened again…
An AP reporter today asked Barack Obama about “Obama Bin Laden.”
FOX News reported:

At the close of Q and A at an Associated Press luncheon in Washington, DC, AP chairman Dean SIngleton skipped over a question on what’s becoming known as “bitter-gate” in favor of asking Illinois Senator Barack Obama what he surely thought would be a less controversial question on Iraq.

Would the senator be willing to shift a substantial number of troops from Iraq to Afghanistan, asked Singleton, where the Taliban has been gaining strength — and “Obama bin Laden” is still at large.

The room was quiet – as the crowd contemplated whether they’d heard what they thought they heard. But Obama, apparently, heard the same thing. After a pause and a smile, he said “I think that was OSAMA bin Laden.”

Thank goodness he was speaking to AP professionals. They were able to immediately lavish him with applause for having to deal with such outrageous accidental abuse.

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