Al-Qaeda Leader Al-Masri Dead in Afghanistan- Planned London Attacks

Obaidah al Masri, the al-Qaeda leader behind the London tube bombings, is dead the US announced.

The London suicide bombers killed 56 in their attacks. Family members and friends knew about the London bombings before the attacks.

The BBC is reporting on the Egyptian-born al-Masri who was a master on liquid bombs:

Obaida al-Masri, the militant chief believed to be a senior planner of al-Qaeda’s attacks in Afghanistan, has died, US intelligence sources say.

They said they believed Masri – linked to suicide bombers who killed 52 people in attacks on London’s transport system in 2005 – died of “natural causes”.

“The sense is that he is dead,” a US official said.

He may have died from hepatitus and not during an attack, says the UPI:


Al-Masri is believed to have died of non-battle causes, possibly complications from hepatitis, Fox News reported. The information on his death contradicts reports al-Masri was killed in a January CIA strike.

Al-Masri is linked to two major terrorist attack plots. The first is the 2005 London subway bombing, in which al-Masri is credited with recruiting, training and directing the bombers. The second is the liquid explosives bomb plot to blow up transatlantic flights bound for the United States and Canada in 2006.

Al-Masri was among the top al-Qaida leaders and was responsible for external operations, plotting attacks outside the tribal areas of Pakistan, officials said.

Al-Masri was one of Al-Qaeda’s most secretive leaders according to the Guardian:

Al-Masri is considered one of the most mysterious members of al-Qaida’s senior command. Few photos of him exist and his real name and age are unknown, although he is believed to be in his mid-40s.

Al-Masri reportedly taught bomb-making techniques to would-be suicide bombers in Pakistan’s north Waziristan tribal area.

According to the US, he became a senior al-Qaida operative for international terrorist operations after fighting in Bosnia and Chechnya.

He then served as an instructor in a military training camp in Afghanistan in the years before the 9/11 attacks.

Once US troops moved into the country in 2001, the Egyptian become al-Qaida’s senior commander in eastern Afghanistan.

Al-Masri escaped two previous high-profile attempts to kill him.

HotAir has a thorough report on the former Al-Qaeda leader and bomb maker.

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