Wounded Soldiers Hold Graduation Ceremony at Walter Reed

Jonn Lilyea passed on this news…

The Army decided that being cooped up in a long term out-patient situation at Walter Reed Medical Center shouldn’t keep a noncommissioned officer from falling behind his peers, so they put together a rigorous program for these guys and gals.

Today was the first Graduation Ceremony of the Basic Noncommissioned Officer’s Course Stand Alone Common Core 103-08 at Walter Reed Medical Center.

The Sniper attended the ceremony and has more on this distinguished group of Noncommissioned Officers.


The Members of the Graduating Class:

SSG Billy Brashears, Commandant’s List
SSG Renee Deville
SSG Warren Finch
SSG Dorthea Hooper
SSG Shad Lorenz
SSG Eric Sundell

Senior Small Group Leader: SFC Nelson
Small Group Leader: SFC Scully


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