Vets For Freedom National Heroes Tour– Rolls Into St. Louis

The Vets For Freedom National Heroes Tour rolled into St. Louis this morning.

The Vets for Freedom members were excited about their stops in Missouri. Yesterday, the people from small town Marshall, Missouri shut down the interstate and sent at least 9 police and highway patrol cars to escort the Heroes Tour members into town!
BlackFive has video of this tremendous welcome.

Jim Hanson, Uncle Jimbo, from BlackFive stands in front of the Vets for Freedom coach. Jim is traveling with and reporting on the National Heroes Tour.


Here is a look inside the coach where Vets for Freedom team members were already hard at work early on a Friday morning.

David Bellavia, author of House to House, recipient of the Silver Star, and nominee for the Medal of Honor, gave a terrific talk during breakfast. Dave is a gifted speaker and there are rumors going around that he may be entering the Congressional race in New York soon.

Vets for Freedom Executive Director Pete Hegseth discusses the tremendous turnaround in Iraq since the start of the Bush Surge last year.
Pete predicts that Genereal Petraeus will have outstanding news to give Congress next month:

Pete also talks about the current situation in Basra and “absolutely agrees” with President Bush that the fact that Shiite soldiers are fighting against the Shia Mahdi Army is a great sign for the young democracy.

The Vets For Freedom National Heroes Tour is leaving Missouri and traveling to Nashville, Tennessee later today.
The tour schedule is HERE.

The Vets for Freedom will meet in Washington DC to hold a rally with America’s single largest gathering of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans on April 8, 2008. Participants will gather for a rally and media event and meet with their representatives to express their first hand experiences and explain why it is essential to complete the mission in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Please support these heroes HERE.

UPDATE: George Lauer has loads of photos from the rally in Marshall, Missouri yesterday.

UPDATE 2: The military finds more support from an unlikely place.

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