Tortured Jewish Teen Leaves Paris Suburb

The Jewish teen who was lured into a trap, kidnapped, threatened and tortured by six local “youths” has left his home in Bagneux.
The youths wrote “dirty Jew” and “dirty faggot” on his forehead during the torture.

The Pablo Picasso flat building in Bagneux where the 19-year-old Mathieu Roumi was attacked by six “youths” of the city. (EJP)

The kidnapped and tortured Jewish teen has left his home in the Paris suburb of Bagneux.
The European Jewish Press reported:

A Jewish teenager who was locked up and attacked by six youths in Bagneux, a Paris suburb, has left the city, Patrick Gaubert, president of Licra, the international league against racism and anti-Semitism, announced Wednesday.

The six youths have been detained for torturing the 19-year-old Mathieu Roumi ten ays ago during nine an a half hours by punching him, sexually humiliating him and writing “dirty Jew” and “dirty faggot” on his forehead.

The victim, who went alone to a meeting with the youths to try to settle an argument about a stolen mobile phone, was taunted for being Jewish and accused of being gay.

To terrify him, attackers allegedly made repeated references to Ilan Halimi, a young Parisian Jewish man who was kidnapped, tortured and killed in 2006 by the so-called « gang of barbarians » whose ringleader, Youssef Fofana, and his accomplices will stand trial for murder before this year.

The case is a dark reminder of the torture and murder of Ilan Halimi in 2006 in the same suburb.

In 2006 Ilan Halimi was lured by a “honeypot”, attractive Audrey Lorleach, on a date where she passed him off to a French gang that had connections with Hamas. Ilan was tortured by the gang for three weeks with particular cruelty simply because he was a Jew. Relatives and neighbors, beyond the immediate circle of the gang, were told about the Jewish hostage and dropped in to participate in the torture! He was kept naked for weeks during his torture and up to his death when he was thrown from a train.


French “Youths” Kidnap & Brutally Torture Another Young Jew

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