The Obama-Wright Controversy: Blog Coverage & Approval Ratings

The Obama-Wright Controversy takes a toll on Barack Obama.

This graph shows the number of articles posted on the internet about the G-d damn Obama-Wright scandal.
Kithbridge reported earlier on the Obama-Wright Blog Coverage, via Instapundit:

On March 13th, ABC News reported on presidential candidate Barack Obama’s controversial pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and both mainstream and new media has been on fire with the story ever since. The chart above shows just how dramatic the impact of the story has been within the blogosphere by recording, day-by-day, the percentage of blog posts which mention Senator Obama that also mention Reverend Wright.

Since the ABC News report at least 28% of all posts mentioning the Senator each day have also included reference to Reverend Wright, with the peak of 35.7% occurring on March 18th, when Obama addressed the controversy in a high-profile speech on race in America. The speech does not appear to have put an end to the discussion, however, as two days later (March 20) over 30% of Obama blog posts still mention Wright as well.

Only time will tell how damaging the story will prove to Senator Obama’s campaign, but thus far, it does not appear to be fading from the blogosphere particularly quickly.

So how is this g-d damn scandal playing out with Obama’s approval ratings:

Obama has taken a hit on his daily approval ratings according to Gallup Polling. Gallup has him back even with Hillary at 47% preference among democrats but time will tell how damaging this controversy will be for Obama.

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