TENSIONS RISING– Documents Link Ecuador's President to FARC

Tensions are rising–

— Top FARC terrorist leaders are dead
— Venezuela and Ecuador are massing tanks at the Colombian border
— Chavez is raging about Colombia being Israel of South America
— Ambassadors are called home
— Hugo Chavez warns of war

Now… Colombia announced that captured documents from the terrorist raid this weekend show links between FARC and Ecuador’s Leftist President Rafael Correa.

Ecuadorean president Rafael Correa delivers a speech during a press conference at an air base in Quito on March 1. (AFP)


Colombia said that the raid about one mile inside Ecuador was “indispensable”.
The BBC reported:

Colombia has said documents found in a cross-border raid suggest links between left-wing Farc rebels and Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa.
Colombian troops had entered Ecuador in a raid that killed a Farc leader, Raul Reyes, and 16 other rebels.

Ecuador has expelled Colombia’s ambassador following the attack and is sending troops to the border.

Earlier Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said he was sending thousands of troops and tanks to its border.

A spokesman for Colombian President Alvaro Uribe told reporters the documents provided information that “Correa has a relationship and commitments with Farc”.

Police commander Gen Oscar Naranjo said one document showed Reyes had met Ecuador’s minister of internal security and that they discussed Mr Correa’s “interest in making official relations with the Farc”.

** It was already well known that Hugo Chavez has been offering support to FARC.

Following Venezuela’s lead, Ecuador moved troops to the Colombian border and ordered the expulsion of their Colombian ambassador.

Hugo Chavez threatened Colombia and called the Uribe government “The Israel of South America” today in what the US State Department called a strange response to the news that the FARC terror leaders had been eliminated.

Colombian President Uribe gave a talk yesterday after the Colombian troops had killed top rebel commander of the FARC, Raul Reyes, in an attack on a jungle camp. (Reuters)

Meanwhile… US Democrats continue to deny financial support to the pro-American Colombian government. This is an important story that you probably missed in the mainstream media.

Daniel at Venezuela News and Views believes that if Chavez indeed enters a war against Uribe he probably will be booted out of office by his own army before he provokes its destruction. Daniel also says that suddenly the potential for major political trouble for the whole area has gone up a big notch.

Top FARC Dog Raul Reyes Killed By Colombian Forces
Chavez Warns of War… Says Colombia Is “Israel of South America!”

UPDATE: Fidel Castro enters the fray.

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