Super Tuesday II- McCain Clinches Nomination– Huck Drops Out …Update: Hillary Takes Ohio


Vietnam War Hero and Former POW John McCain clinches Republican nomination.

UPDATE: (10:00 PM CST) Hillary Takes Ohio (FOX News)!
On to Pennsylvania in 7 weeks!

John McCain Wins Ohio and Vermont early.
McCain took 75% of the vote in Vermont and will take all 17 delegates.


Obama took Vermont.
Dems are locked up in Ohio.

Stephen Green is liveblogging the results at Pajamas Media.
HotAir has a very cool liveblogging gizmo.

Democratic Exit Polling:
– Only 30% of Texans believe the economy is poor.
– 58% Voters in Texas believe foreign jobs take jobs away from US
– 80% Voters in Ohio believe foreign jobs take jobs away from the US
– Hillary is doing better in Ohio with demographic groups she did not carry a few weeks back
– Latinos went nearly 2 to 1 for Clinton in Texas

TalkLeft reports that the Obama campaign is violating the rules:

I’m receiving reports that contrary to Texas Democratic party caucus rules that preclude registration forms from being submitted before either 7:15 pm or the last vote at a precinct has been cast, Obama volunteers are handing out the forms at precincts today and asking people to fill them in and then collecting them. For Obama to submit the forms on the voters’ behalf without the voter physically being present at the caucus would violate the rules.

The Obama Campaign has filed a motion against the Ohio Secretary of State- Due to severe weather conditions and ballot shortages they are asking for the polls to remain open late.

UPDATE: FOX News is reporting: McCain Sweeps- WINS TEXAS- Clinches Republican Nomination!
Huckabee plans to stay in the race.
Scratch that– Huckabee will drop out tonight- Hoorah!
46% of Texans do not believe that McCain is conservative enough.

Senior Republican Rep. Roy Blunt of Missouri thinks GOP can make gains in November.

Gives Mitt Romney one last jab on the way out!
(21 seconds)

“Senator McCain has run an honorable campaign… Because he’s an honorable man. One of the things I’m proudest of is that the two campaigns that I believe have been run in the most civil manner are the two in the Republican Party that have lasted on their feet to the final.”

** Mitt Romney won 272 delegates to Huck’s 254.
So long, Huck.

Michelle Malkin has more on Huck’s last play.

McCain accepts unofficial nomination.

UPDATE: Governor Strickland from Ohio, a Hillary supporter, wants the Michigan and Ohio delegates counted.

Hillary speaks- Says, “We’ve won Rhode Island, Florida, California, … Michigan…”
Of course, she was the only Democrat on the ballot in Florida and Michigan.
Hillary- “We’re ready to end (lose) the War in Iraq and win the War in Afghanistan!”

Jules CrittendenCoyote Ugly.

UPDATE: Doug Ross has photo of the day- “Yes we can.”

Obama called McCain and sounded cocky.

UPDATE: Clinton takes Texas.

UPDATE: TigerHawk has the BEST PHOTO of the day.

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