Steve King Is Right… Al-Qaeda Will Celebrate If Obama Wins– Like They Did Last Time

Al-Qaeda will be celebrating if Barack Obama wins the presidency-
Just like they did when the Democrats took Congress.

The tender Barack Obama Campaign wants John McCain to apologize for something Rep. Steve King said to a small town newspaper in Spencer, Iowa this week (Video HERE).
…They want McCain to apologize for something that is true.

(Daily Reporter)
American Election HQ at Fox News reported on the outrage at the Obama camp:

Barack Obama’s campaign wants John McCain to denounce Iowa Rep. Steve King’s claims to a local newspaper that terrorists would be “dancing in the streets” if Obama is elected president.

The GOP congressman said he is a McCain supporter, and the Obama campaign is looking for the Arizona senator to give King the same finger wag he gave Cincinnati talk-show host Bill Cunningham when he referred to Obama three times as “Barack Hussein Obama” while introducing McCain.

“These comments have no place in our politics, and we hope Senator McCain will repudiate them like he has previous offensive comments from his supporters,” Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor said in a statement.

King made the comments in an interview with the Daily Reporter in Spencer, Iowa, basing his prediction on Obama’s pledge to pull troops out of Iraq, his Kenyan heritage and his middle name, Hussein.

Here is the exchange from that article in the Spencer Daily Reporter newspaper:

“I don’t want to disparage anyone because of their race, their ethnicity, their name – whatever their religion their father might have been,” he said. “I’ll just say this: When you think about the option of a Barack Obama potentially getting elected President of the United States — I mean, what does this look like to the rest of the world? What does it look like to the world of Islam?”
He continued: “I will tell you that, if he is elected president, then the radical Islamists, the al-Qaida, the radical Islamists and their supporters, will be dancing in the streets in greater numbers than they did on September 11 because they will declare victory in this War on Terror.”

King thinks radical Islamists will say the United States has capitulated because the Obama administration would be pulling troops out of any conflict associated with al-Qaida.

…They will be dancing in the streets because of his middle name. They will be dancing in the streets because of who his father was and because of his posture that says: Pull out of the Middle East and pull out of this conflict.”

He continued: “There are implications that have to do with who he is and the position that he’s taken. If he were strong on national defense and said ‘I’m going to go over there and we’re going to fight and we’re going to win, we’ll come home with a victory,’ that’s different. But that’s not what he said. They will be dancing in the streets if he’s elected president. That has a chilling aspect on how difficult it will be to ever win this Global War on Terror.”

The Obama campaign was outraged!
How could Rep. King ever stoop to this level of fear-mongering? He should immediately apologize!

But, what about Al-Qaeda?
Will the Obama campaign ask Al-Qaeda to say they’re sorry too? Or Iran, or Cuba, or Syria, or the terrorists in Gaza?

The “Axis of Evil” all rejoiced when the antiwar Democrats took Congress in 2006.
The “Axis of Evil” was ecstatic!
They were celebrating:

** In Syria
** In Iran
** By Al Qaeda in Iraq
** By Hugo Chavez in Venezuela
** In North Korea
** Even Cuba

They’ll be dancing in the streets if Obama- or Hillary- win the White House in 2008, too.

More… In 2007, the US and its allies captured 8,800 terrorists and killed 2,400 more in Iraq alone. If Obama withdraws US forces from Iraq, you can bet that Al-Qaeda would be cheering.

STACLU has more reaction.

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