Sick! Black Church Leaders Defend Jeremiah Wright at Texas Event

The Left in America has polluted the culture in TV, movies, print and song.
But, you have to draw the line somewhere.
When the Left and Barack Obama insist that screaming “God Damn America” in a church, from a pulpit, is acceptable speech– When the Left and Barack Obama insist that a preacher screaming and writing racist anti-Semitic and anti-American thoughts is acceptable you have to scream back–
“NO!! NO IT ISN’T!!”
G-Damning the United States to hell from a pulpit is not acceptable!!

The defenders of Jeremiah Wright are wrong.
The spectacle at Brite Divinity School this past weekend honoring Jeremiah Wright was sick. This was not Christianity.
This was a lie.
Brite Divinity School in Fort Worth went ahead with its plans to honor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright this weekend, even though Barack Obama’s racist pastor decided to skip the ceremony.

The black church leaders who attended the event continued to defend Wright’s “God Damn America” hate speech from the pulpit. They insisted that Wright’s hate speech was misinterpretted, misunderstood or taken out of context.
Greta Van Susteren from FOX News reported on the event.
Not one of the black preachers condemned the minister for his hate speech– not one!
Here is the interview from Brite Divinity School:

Brite Divinity School ought to be ashamed.
This is not Christianity.

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