Samsphere Conservative Blogger Conference Opens in Chicago


America’s greatest strength is its foundation in freedom – a foundation that was revolutionary at the time and continues to shape the world today. America’s prosperity, innovation, and success, unprecedented in history, are firmly rooted in the freedom of its citizens and their ability to shape their own paths and goals.

Sam Adams Alliance
Vision for America

This weekend several freedom-loving bloggers and e-activists are meeting in Chicago to discuss ways we can ensure that America continues to be a nation dedicated to individual freedom and limited government.


Samsphere is a new media forum, hosted by the Sam Adams Alliance, where bloggers and e-activists from across the country can gather together to network and share ideas. Samsphere is specifically geared toward bloggers and e-activists who focus on local and state-level politics, and who are dedicated to the principles of individual freedom and limited government.

Wall Street Journal reporter and author John Fund was the keynote speaker this evening at Samsphere. John pointed out a few very important facts during his talk including- that average common sense voter leans conservative. Democrats know this and that is why they focus their attention on the elitists in media and academia and mostly ignore or ridicule the masses in the middle of the country. The Left’s whole game is to short circuit the election and run an election that “doesn’t mean anything.” They want people to focus on personalities or scandal, etc. (hope!) so that there is no real focus on the issues.

John Fund also talked about polls and how polls are easily manipulated. This is a noted tool used by the Left. A good example of this is when Reagan ran against Carter in 1980. Reagan was behind Carter in the polls until the last week before the election and then he won in a landslide. Since 1944 only one Democrat has won the presidency with a majority of the vote.

Here is a partial list of the bloggers who are attending this weekend’s event in Chicago:

Erik Erickson * RedState * National
Allen Fuller * Flat Creek Management * National
John Fund * Wall Street Journal * National
Brad Jones * Face the State * National
Jenn Sierra * Fort Hard Knox * National
Erik Telford * Americans for Prosperity * National
E.M. Zanotti * American Princess * National
Bill Smith * ARRA News Service * Arkansas
Ben DeGrow * Mount Virtus * Colorado
Mark Johnson * ILGOPnet * Illinois
Doug Welch * Stix * Illinois
Bob Weeks * Wichita Liberty * Kansas
Earl Glynn * Kansas Meadowlark * Kansas
Jeff Blanco * Louisiana Conservative * Louisiana
Lance Dutson * Maine Web Report * Maine
Jack McHugh * Mackinac Center * Michigan
Chet Zarko * Outside Lansing * Michigan
Jim Hoft * Gateway Pundit * Missouri
Craig Sprout * Montana Politics * Montana
Chuck Muth * Muth’s Truths * Nevada
Skip Murphy * Granite Grok * New Hampshire
Mario Burgos * Mario Burgos * New Mexico
Maggie Thurber * Thurber’s Thoughts * Ohio
Chris Arps * Oklahoma Political News Service * Oklahoma
Trent Siebert * Tennessee Policy Institute * Tennessee
Leslie Carbone * Leslie Carbone * Virginia
Don Ward * Sound Politics * Washington
Fred Dooley * Real Debate Wisconsin * Wisconsin
Tristen Cramer * Haemet * Wyoming
Chad Everson * Grizzly Groundswell * Minnesota
Steve Sibson * Sibby Online * South Dakota

After John Fund spoke tonight the bloggers and e-activists broke up into small networking groups for discussion.

Saturday is a full day here at Samsphere.
I will try to post updates from the conference.

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