Radical "Leftists" Ambush Israeli Leader at Nazi Museum– Call For Destruction of Israel

Now here’s a hateful group of people…

Radical “Leftists” in burkas ambushed Shimon Peres in France today at a Nazi museum calling for Israel to be erased.

A protestor is held by police officers as Israeli President Shimon Peres, not pictured, visits the Resistance and Deportation History Center in Lyon, central France, Wednesday, March 12, 2008. Peres is in France on a five-day state visit.
(AP Photo/Laurent Cipriani)

Shimon Peres was ambushed at a Nazi museum by young “Leftists” calling for the destruction of Israel. The Gaza supporters chanted, “The resistance in Gaza is legitimate,” and, “We want to see Israel erased”…
At a Nazi museum.
YNET News reported:


President Shimon Peres encountered some not so pleasant left-wing protestors on Wednesday during a visit to a museum on Nazi resistance groups during World War II in the French city of Lyon as part of his official state visit to the European country.

Some far left activists held a demonstration at the museum where they dubbed Peres and Israel “criminal,” called for Israel “to be erased,” and said “the resistance in Gaza is legitimate.”

The incident led to a brief scuffle when French police arrived on the scene and attempted to use force to evacuate the protestors. The activists did not give up and sat down on the ground with interlocked arms in order to avoid being forcibly removed. Police struggled with the demonstrators for several minutes before they managed to expel them from the area.

A member of the president’s delegation said: “The calls for Israel’s destruction are severe given the sensitivity of the place (where they were uttered). Nonetheless, this is an extreme left radical group that does not comprise a significant bloc in regional politics.”

Riot police struggle with demonstrators who are protesting against the visit of Israeli President Shimon Peres to the Centre of the History of Resistance and Deportation in Lyon, south-eastern France March 12, 2008. (France)

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