Obama's Mentor Wright Slams Nation's "Fondling Fathers"

Obama’s pastor and mentor Jeremiah Wright referred to this great nation’s forebearers as the “fondling fathers” in the church’s latest magazine.

Barack Obama ran with a similar theme during his race talk to the nation by claiming that the United States was stained with the “original sin” of slavery.
Obviously, this is not much different than what his pastor and mentor has been ranting about for the last 20 years while the Obamas roosted in the pews.
They both believe this nation was tarnished from its beginning.

Jeremiah Wright did not just attack Italians with their “garlic noses” and “public lynching of Jesus” in the latest Trinity United Church of Christ Trumpet newsletter but had a few slams on whitey.
Craig Smith reviewed Jeremiah Wright’s eulogy to Asa Hilliard in Trumpet Magazine and found several assaults on “whitey” and the “fondling fathers”:

“Asa lived his whole life under the oppressive heel of white supremacy.”

“Asa was born in a climate, a context and a country controlled by white supremacy. From its founding fathers some would say “fondling fathers” who defined Africans as non-persons, from its original government to its current government hell-bent on leaving every Black child behind”

“The government runs everything from the White House to the schoolhouse, from the Capitol to the Klan, white supremacy is clearly in charge,…”

Wright then goes on ranting a dozen or more times about “white enemies” and “white supremacy”, but he also takes the time to rip some blacks:

“But we also got some Africans who can out-white, white folks… White supremacist brainwashing passing itself off as education, is not restricted to the United States of America or white European cultures. White supremacy is not restricted to any particular country or any particular color. We got some Africans who are whiter in their thinking than George Bush and Dick Cheney.”

In related news… Rev. Jeremiah Wright made his first public appearance this weekend at another anti-Semitic church in Chicago. He received a raucous standing ovation.

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