Obama Wins Mississippi- Dems Vote Along Racial Lines

So much for tolerance…
Democrats voted along racial lines in the Mississippi Democratic Primary.
— 90% of blacks chose Obama
— 72% of whites chose Hillary

Barack Obama wins in Mississippi.
FOX News reported:

Barack Obama won the Mississippi Democratic primary Tuesday, FOX News projects, giving him an expected but vital victory as he tries to fracture the momentum Hillary Clinton picked up with her wins one week earlier.

John McCain won on the GOP side, but the Arizona senator has already locked down the nomination and faced no major rivals Tuesday.

Polls consistently showed Obama was favored to win in Mississippi. The state’s sizable black electorate was poised to give him a big boost, as it has in other southern states like Georgia and South Carolina. Mississippi offers 33 delegates.

Blacks make up about 37 percent of the state’s population, the highest concentration in the nation. Nearly half the voters in Tuesday’s Democratic primary were black, and they went for Obama by a split of 9-to-1.

A majority of voters said race was not an issue for them.

Sure it wasn’t.
That’s why 90% of blacks voted for the Messiah.
Only one quarter of the white vote went to Obama.


CNN has the results posted.

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