Obama Responds to Senator Clinton's VP Offer (Video)

Senator Barack Obama responded to Senator Hillary Clinton’s offer to be her vice president.
(32 seconds)

Barack Obama today responded to Hillary Clinton’s generous offer:

“I’ve won twice as many states as Senator Clinton. I’ve won more of the popular vote than Senator Clinton. I have more delegates than Senator Clinton. So… I don’t know how someone who’s in second place is offering the vice presidency to someone who’s in first place.”


UPDATE: Obama attacks Clinton for her “Republican tactics”:


“When in the midst of a campaign you decide to throw the kitchen sink at your opponent because you’re behind,” he said, “and your campaign starts leaking photographs of me when I’m traveling overseas wearing the native clothes of those folks to make people afraid, and then you run an ad talking about who’s going to answer the phone at three in the morning, an ad straight out of the Republican playbook, that’s not real change.”

Excuse me Mr. Obama…
Pointing out that your misunderstanding of the threats against this nation and your appeasing-isolationist foreign policy recommendations is fair game.
You had better get used to the criticism and quit whining.

UPDATE: Now, the Former Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee Geraldine Ferraro is attacking Obama on his blackness.

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