New Mohammad Cartoon Film Will Be Anatomically Correct

Ehsan Jami, founder of the Committee for Ex-Muslims, has been been forced into hiding after a series of death threats and a recent attack.

Jami was moved to a safe house in the Netherlands after being attacked for a third time because of his anti-Muslim views on August 4, 2007… The attacks took place after Jami referred to the Muslim prophet Mohammed as a “horrible man” in several interviews and said he wanted to start a debate about domestic violence and human rights in Islam- EUX.TV.

Iranian-born Ehsan Jami has been working on a very controversial cartoon film that will show a sexually aroused Mohammad and his 9 year-old bride.

Sugiero has a roundup on this project that is apparently even more controversial than the dreaded Muhammad cartoons.

This is a screenshot of a drawing from the new cartoon movie (via and Sugiero)


The next controversial cartoon film on the slate will show Mohammad having sex with his nine-year-old wife Aisha.
That ought to go over really well in Pakistan and Iran.
Radio Netherlands reported:

Former Dutch Labour Party politician Ehsan Jami, the founder of the Committee of ex-Muslims, has announced that he is producing an anti-Islamic cartoon called The Life of Muhammad. It will be released on the 20th of April. The film will show a sexually aroused Prophet Muhammad with his nine-year-old wife Aisha.

Members of the Dutch Muslim and government contact organisation, CMO, who have viewed a section of the film, say they will go to court in an attempt to have The Life of Muhammad banned. The organisation has described the film as totally unacceptable and extremely offensive.

Netwerk TV has video of the latest Mohammad cartoon project (in Dutch).

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