More Debunking… Hillary Takes Another Hit On War Zone Lies

Hillary Clinton said that she was the first president’s wife to enter a war zone since Eleanor Roosevelt when her plane landed in Bosnia in 1996.

Actually… She was the third.

First Lady Pat Nixon landed at the presidential palace in Saigon on July 31, 1969, her pilot, Col. Gene Boyer, pulled her away from the tail rotor. That, Boyer says, was a war zone. (WaPo– Nixon Library)
The New Nixon has more from the pilot who flew pat Nixon in the helicopter.

First Lady Barbara Bush visiting American troops in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia prior to the Gulf War, November 22, 1990.


Hillary Clinton at a welcoming ceremony (not under sniper fire) in Tuzla, Bosnia in 1996.

The Washington Post reported its error from 1996:

The Clinton campaign has cited newspaper accounts, including one in The Washington Post, to bolster the senator’s claim that her now-famous March 1996 trip to Bosnia was the first visit to a “war zone” by a first lady since World War II. She is overlooking a trip to Saigon by Pat Nixon at the height of the Vietnam War as well as a trip by Barbara Bush to Saudi Arabia two months before the Persian Gulf War began.

More Debunking…

Col. William Changose who flew Hillary Clinton into Bosnia in 1996 ridiculed the former First Lady saying her version of the Tuzla story was “just nuts.”
Jammie Wearing Fool has more on Col. Changose.

It’s no wonder Hillary’s personal ratings are at their lowest of the campaign.

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UPDATE: Bad news for Hillary… It now appears that Hillary has a couple superdelegates linked to FARC and Saddam.

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