Michelle & Barack **Heart** Their Che-Loving Precinct Captains

Those Che banners hanging in the Obama office were not there by accident.
Maria Isabel is a campaign “precinct captain” and the co-chair of the Houston Obama Leadership Team in Houston.
She is also a rabid Che Guevera supporter.
Front Page reported:

Maria is a middle-aged woman who was born in Cuba and lived there as a child during a period when Che Guevara was Cuba’s chief executioner and second in command. At the time Cuba had the highest political incarceration and execution rate on earth, far surpassing that of their Soviet mentors and suitors.

But… Maria still loves her some Che.
Maria also loves her some Michelle and Barack Obama:

Babalu has more photos of the Obama’s loving on their Che Guevara-loving precinct captains.

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