MELTDOWN… Progressive Implosion at D-Kos

The primary season was just too much for them…
The Left’s most popular blog Daily Kos is imploding faster than the Obama campaign.

The reality-based community is showing clear-cut signs of meltdown.

First it was the Hillary supporter choking and stabbing the Obama supporter in Pennsylvania. Then it was the baseball bat incident in Taylorsville and the catfights in Texas.


Now… Pro-Hillary blogger Alegre at Daily Kos is packing her bags and moving on to greener pastures where Hillary supporters will be respected for their true progressiveness and not attacked as racist scum by followers of the Messiah.

She got a nice sendoff from the reality-based community today:
(click the screen shots to enlarge)

Ruh-Roh… As if the news was not bad enough this weekend for democrats- a new poll has Ralph Nader picking up 5-6% of the vote this fall.

Pat Dollard has a photo of the two distinct groups that are starting to form out of the Democratic Party.

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