Jeremiah Wright: The Greatest Hits Collection Volume 1

Here is what Barack Obama said about his pastor and mentor Jeremiah Wright in his interview with the Chicago Tribune on March 16, 2008, via Free Republic:

“In fairness to him, this was sort of a greatest hits, they basically culled five or six sermons out of 30 years of preaching.”

Jeremiah Wright- The Greatest Hits Collection:

Side One:


– God Damn America
– Hillary Aint No N*gger
– Bill Treated Me Like Monica
– God Damn America (Remix)

Side Two:

– Racism is How this Country was Founded
– Chickens Come Home to Roost
– We’re the Same as Al-Qaeda
– We bombed Nagasaki & Didn’t bat an eye
– Barack’s Nodding His Head Yes
– God’s Sick of this Sh*t!

Here’s a bonus track- The Smooth Jams of Jeremiah:

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UPDATE: Newsmax has another report claiming that Obama was in attendance during Wright’s hate sermons, but Tom Maguire begs to differ.

UPDATE 2: Shocka! Only 8% of Americans have a favorable opinion of G-damning Jeremiah Wright!
Only the fringe of the fringe give him a thumbs up.
— 56% said Wright’s comments made them less likely to vote for Obama.
— 29% of blacks said Wright’s comments made them more likely to support Obama(?)
Jammie Wearing Fool sees the looming meltdown at Daily Kos.

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