Islamist Conference Planned For Loyola University- Rome Campus

Iranian human rights activist Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi sends this news:

The Center for American Studies in Rome whose Libyan Director, Karim Mezran, is a good friend of the Mullahs among other diabolical Islamo-Imperialists for whom he works very hard.

Karim Mezran


The president is Giuliano Amato who is one of the most corrupt ex-Italian Senators and Minister of Interior of the now ousted Romano Prodi administration– who were all disgracefully impeached 7 weeks ago.

Giuliano Amato

These men are planning the below sham of a conference on Islam-Catholicism and politics (click here for conference details).

This is not the first time that these manipulators, under the guise of the Center for American Studies in Rome, have tried to hold this conference. Two years ago they tried it and we were able to stop them through a barrage of emails, phone calls and so on. I urge all of you to write to the organizers of Rome campus of Chicago’s Loyola University who are:

Professor Peter J. Schraeder ([email protected]) and
Anne Wingenter ([email protected])

…To protest this the Center for American Studies in Rome’s Karim Mezran and Giuliano Amato (which does everything to undermine America and really ought to be called the Center for anti-American studies) at:

[email protected]

If you wish you use a form letter, here is one that you can in fact use, if you agree with the contents, otherwise we urge you to write something that would best suit your own thoughts, which is always best.
Here is the form letter:


Mr. Mezran, Mr. Amato, Professor Peter J. Schraeder and Anne Wingenter,

Among the names I see on your conference list, there is not a single activist or scholar who is a liberal or Secular Muslim but those who pose as “moderates”. Most of these individuals are disreputable apologists for vicious Islamo-Imperialist regimes such as the Islamic Republic of Iran or extremist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood or are people who are hugely anti-American, anti-Semitic rhetoricians who have perfected the rather dubious art of dissimulation or spin; they are infamous for attacking secular-minded Muslims and basically conjure up excuses for theocratic regimes that use socially progressive methods to continue the horrible control and abuse of other Muslims, let alone their treatment of the west, modernity and Jews. They claim to be the ultimate guardians of the faith but they are nothing more than brokers for diabolical dictators who wish to continue enslaving those who they were able to forcibly rule.

It is therefore with great regret that I inform you that your conference is clearly another manipulative action to brainwash people who do not want to see the truth. I am sure that you will be receiving many other emails of protest; keep in mind that an appreciable number of people are aware of your work and actions and you will not be able to let things go unnoticed; those who fight for the freedom of innocent Muslims who no longer wish to be treated like serfs under the thumbs of the Oriental despots whom you clearly support, will in fact continue to tirelessly work at exposing you.”

Thank you. And please know that collective protest against this conference, through a storm of emails is always a very effective move. These groups need to know that they are being watched and that they will be confronted for their propaganda in promoting Islamo-Imperialism.

Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi

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