Iran Bans "Faces" From Posters… Harvard Bans Men From Gyms

Next They Came For the Faces…

Iran bans “the face”– It causes unnecessary waste.

The regime in Iran banned faces on political posters today.
Iranian Fars News reported:

Iranian politicians may find it tougher to reach out to voters in this month’s parliament election when campaigning started on Thursday because of a ban on posters bearing their photographs.

Such posters have been a typical campaign tactic in Iran where personalities not parties dominate elections. The onset of any poll usually leads to a blizzard of posters with portraits of candidates on buildings, street lamps and inside bazaars.

But parliament banned such posters with candidates’ photos for the March 14 vote, saying it was wasteful and led to an expensive post-election clean up.

As a result, political groups are expected to play a bigger role in promoting their list of candidates in the vote which is being seen as a test of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s popularity. It may indicate his chances for re-election in 2009.

Add this to the long list of banned “objects” in Iran:


— Women with hair showing
— Women with blond hair showing
— Women with blond hair showing who talk back
— Women who talk back
— Mothers with children with hair showing
— The word “women” from public television
— Women’s rights activists
— Student activists
— Satellite dishes
— Young men with hair gel
— Young men in short sleeves
— Pajamas and shorts in the hallway
— Iranian rappers
— Manly makeup, bad hijab
— Reformist newspapers
— Breasts on mannequins

Closer to home… Although Harvard has some catching up to do, they are not that far behind the regime.
Michael Graham at The Boston Herald reported today that at the Harvard gyms men men are banned 6 times a week so that Muslim women can workout.
Mark Steyn sees a conflict.

Ah, right on time, Miss Kelly has more on Sharia at Harvard.

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