Huffington Post: Jeremiah Wright Speaks Truth to Power


Today’s Huff-piece on Jeremiah Wright is a classic…
Huffpo author Lecia Shorter argues that Jeremiah Wright was just speaking truth to power (“GOD D*MN AMERICA!”) and that Bill Clinton really was “Riding Dirty!”

“Truth to Power” or nutty racist preacher?


The Huffington Post examines the deep meaning behind the words of G-Daming Rev. Jeremiah Wright- the MLK Jr. of our time.
Lecia Shorter reports at the Huffington Post:
(The parenthesis were inserted by blog author)

There has been quite a furry over the past week concerning some admittedly controversial statements (“GOD D*MN AMERICA!”) made by Senator Obama’s pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Yet if we look at Rev. Wright’s statements in full context, they are nothing more than a man speaking truth to power (“GOD D*MN AMERICA!”) . Rather than acknowledge the truth about the dark past of America, and in some instances the present, we are quick to charge anyone who removes the veil of our history as being racist and/or anti-American.

African American religious leaders have historically combined sociology, theology and politics. In some instances, it has been done to inspire change, and in other instances, to inspire awareness. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is a prime example. Yet he was considered an agent of change and is celebrated for his courage and involvement in the Civil Rights movement through non-violent means.

Why now is Rev. Wright viewed differently and even vilified (“GOD D*MN AMERICA!”) ? Is it because Dr. King was more eloquent in his speech than Rev. Wright. No! The answer can only lie in the fact that Rev. Wright is the pastor of an African American presidential hopeful who has seemingly wooed white America by running a campaign that has made every effort to transcend racial divisiveness (“GOD D*MN AMERICA!”). In other words, if Senator Obama is removed from the equation, how interested is America in the veracity or inflammatory nature of the comments made by Rev. Wright (“GOD D*MN AMERICA!”)?

The comments of Rev. Wright (“GOD D*MN AMERICA!”) deserve a closer analysis in order to determine whether they are in fact racist and anti-American (“GOD D*MN AMERICA!”), or, is the media engaging in nothing more than sensationalism in an effort to diminish Senator Obama’s cross cultural appeal…

…Interestingly, although Bill Clinton has been spoken of as the first black president of the United States, Rev. Wright said Bill Clinton did to black people what he did to Monica Lewinski, “he was riding dirty.”

Great stuff, Huffpo.
Keep it coming!

PS– It might just be me but I think Lecia meant “fury” and not “furry” in that first sentence.
Hat Tip Steven Den Beste

MORE… Congressional candidate Cindy Sheehan joins the Jeremiah Wright camp.
Do you suppose Wright and Obama agree with Cindy’s anti-Semitic spin?

I think there is little dispute that Israel (which I assume is what Obama refers to when he says “allies”) receives approximately three billion dollars in aid from the U.S. each year and have brutally oppressed and occupied Palestinian lands for decades. In a one week’s period this month, Israel killed over 300 Palestinians and was “shocked” when 8 Jewish seminary students were killed in return. I hate and reject all loss of innocent life no matter what is the color, religion or nation of origin. I think Senator Obama may buy into the neocon lie that somehow Israeli or American lives are more precious than Arab lives or black lives.

UPDATE: All of the “Truth to Power” talk is not helping- Obama is sliding.

UPDATE 2: CBS claims Jeremiah Wright’s words (“GOD D*MN AMERICA!”) have their roots from the Bible(?)

UPDATE 3: Obama is toast.

UPDATE 4: Obama and Jeremiah Wright- The Video.

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