Hillary's Snowe Job…. The Truth– It Was Maine's Senator

Senator Hillary Clinton was no hero but Senator Olympia Snowe may have been.

Hillary may have been stealing her heroic Bosnia story from someone else.
Olympia Snowe had a remarkably similar incident happen to her delegation in 1995.
The Washington Post reported:

In October 1995, six months before then-first lady Clinton led a delegation to Tuzla, Sen. Olympia J. Snowe (R-Maine) and six other senators went on a fact-finding mission through war-torn Sarajevo, just before the Dayton accords resulted in a U.S. military presence on the ground in Bosnia.

Snowe’s congressional delegation had an experience remarkably similar to the one Sen. Clinton (D-N.Y.) described in a speech delivered on St. Patrick’s Day. Clinton has since said that she “misspoke” when she recalled arriving in Tuzla under sniper fire.

Unlike Clinton’s version, Snowe’s story was backed up news accounts. Clinton’s story has been debunked by sources including television news accounts and the memories of the comedian Sinbad.

The seven senators flew into the host city of the 1984 Olympics on a military C-130 that, in addition to its senatorial payload, was carrying 20,000 pounds of peas to the starved city. A States News Service dispatch from Oct. 20, 1995, provided a portion of Snowe’s Bosnia account:

“It’s really sad. People are basically just living there and trying to survive,” the Maine Republican said. “They’re constantly living under threat of shelling or sniper fire.” . . . As the plane landed she took note of the fortified bunkers surrounding Sarajevo’s airport. . . . She glanced at the wall of firetrucks lined up along the airport tarmac, acting as shields from any Serb gunman looking to make a name for himself. She dashed across the runway to an armored vehicle waiting to whisk the senators to the city center. She glared at the hollowed-out remains of buildings along the city’s main highway, better known as “Sniper Alley.”

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