Hillary Clinton Ally Compares Jeremiah Wright to David Duke

Jeremiah Wright = David Duke

Clinton supporter Niall O’Dowd bashed Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright today comparing him to David Duke.

This follows Hillary’s attack earlier on Obama and his mentor Wright.

TPM ELection Central reported on the latest Clinton official to bash Obama’s racist Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

The Wright Stuff is coming fast and furious from Hillary and her supporters.

First Hillary criticized Obama today for not sufficiently distancing himself from the controversial pastor.

I’ve now learned that a member of Hillary’s finance committee and a longtime ally of the Clintons has made some very explicit statements about Barack Obama’s ties to his controversial minister, Jeremiah Wright, saying that it’s “legitimate” to raise questions about those ties, comparing Wright to David Duke, and claiming that Obama has “used race where it suited him.”

The finance committee member, Niall O’Dowd, made the comments on Saturday in an unnoticed interview with RTE Radio in Ireland. The Wright issue has been raised by Hillary surrogates Lanny Davis and Joe Wilson, making O’Dowd the third Hillaryite (or fourth, if you include Hillary herself) to hit Obama over Wright.

TPM ELection Central has audio of the interview.

Later today… A Democratic Party official said that Hillary will have to “break Obama’s back” in order to win the Democratic Primary.
It looks like she’s found her club.
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