Hillary Bloodies Obama– Lands a Huge Wright Uppercut!!

That’s what I’m talking about…

Grudge Match 8- The Return of the Bone Crusher
Hillary gave Barack Obama a huge Wright uppercut today:

“Wright would not have been my pastor… You choose your church.”

Ouch! It’s getting bloody.
Who needs the RNC when you’ve got the Clinton’s losing in a Democratic primary?
The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported this from their interview with Hillary.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, in a wide-ranging interview today with Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reporters and editors, said she would have left her church if her pastor made the sort of inflammatory remarks Sen. Barack Obama’s former pastor made.

“He would not have been my pastor,” Clinton said. “You don’t choose your family, but you choose what church you want to attend.”

Obama’s lead in national polls has slipped since clips of the retired Rev. Jeremiah Wright began being played on national news programs. The uproar prompted Obama to give a wide-ranging speech on race in America a week ago. The Clinton campaign has refrained from getting involved in the controversy, but Clinton herself, responding to a question, denounced what she said was “hate speech.”

“You know, I spoke out against Don Imus (who was fired from his radio and television shows after making racially insensitive remarks), saying that hate speech was unacceptable in any setting, and I believe that,” Clinton said. “I just think you have to speak out against that. You certainly have to do that, if not explicitly, then implicitly by getting up and moving.”

Well, that’s one way to get the press off your back for lying about sniper fire.


Democrats might want to forget about that dream ticket about now.

Thomas Sowell, via Instapundit, was saying the same thing today- Funny how democrats use Republican arguments when battling it out, isn’t it?

…Pass the popcorn, Nahanni.

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