Hamas Claims Victory- Says US Weapons Used in Fighting IDF

Hamas officials claimed they were using US made weapons in their “victory” over Israel.
The rocket attacks into Israel resumed after the IDF withdrew from Gaza today.

A Palestinian man and his son ride a horse during a Hamas celebration after Israeli troops pulled out of the Gaza Strip March 3, 2008. Israeli troops pulled out of the Gaza Strip on Monday after days of fighting that killed more than 100 people and drew an appeal from Washington to end violence and rescue peace talks with the Palestinians. (REUTERS/Mohammed Salem)

Hamas officials claim they are using US made weapons in fighting the IDF in Gaza.
The Jerusalem Post reported:

According to Palestinian sources in the Gaza Strip, most of the gunmen who have been fighting the IDF over the past few days are members of Hamas’s armed wing, Izaddin Kassam.

“At least 2,000 Hamas gunmen have been deployed in the northern Gaza Strip to take part in the fighting,” the sources told The Jerusalem Post.

The sources estimated that Izaddin Kassam has at least 15,000 members divided into four brigades in the Gaza Strip.

They added that the Hamas gunmen were using many American-made arms seized from the Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority security forces in June.

Hamas says it captured thousands of M-16 and Kalashnikov rifles, and large supplies of ammunition during its weeklong conquest of Gaza. Hamas is also believed to have acquired weapons capable of penetrating armor and stockpiles of rocket-propelled grenades.

A senior Hamas official said Sunday that his movement had smuggled hundreds of rockets and mortars and tons of explosives into the Gaza Strip from Egypt in the past few months.

World Net Daily reported that Hamas was once again firing on Israelis from civilian homes.


MTC sees the BBC’s reporting on the crisis as business as usual against Israel.

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