French Police Ambushed– Shot In the Face By Disgruntled "Youths"

The children are restless…

French youths injured the police with buckshot and nails(?)

If only the police would have been more kind the 30 youths waiting for them would not have shot them in the face with shotguns.
The Daily Mail reported:

Four French police officers were badly injured after being shot at by hooded youths on a Paris housing estate.

The attack, which happened in the high rise Grigny estate on Sunday night, was described by Interior Minister Michele Alliot-Marie as an “ambush”.

Police said that when the officers arrived they were confronted by “around 30 people whose faces were masked and several of whom were armed.”

Three officers were treated at the scene after being hit in the face by lead shot.

A fourth was hospitalised with leg injuries caused by lead shot and nails.

Calm returned late last night after massive police reinforcements were sent to the neighbourhood.

The BBC has more on the disenfranchised youths.


Jammie Wearing Fool and LGF have more on the buckshot youths.

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