Following Jerusalem School Slaughter- US State Dept. Blog: "Should US Engage Hamas in Peace Process?"

Insanity of the Week–

“DIPNOTE”— That’s the name of the US State Department Blog.

Their Question of the Week: Should the U.S. Engage Hamas in the Peace Process Between the Israelis and Palestinians?


Hat Tip ytba

After the bloody slaughter yesterday of the Jewish children is this really the right question to be asking aat this time?

Palestinian Hamas supporters celebrate after a Palestinian gunman opened fire in a Jewish religious school in Jerusalem, in Jabalya camp, northern Gaza Strip March 6, 2008. (Mohammed Salem/Reuters)

Hamas is committed to Armed conflict until the destruction of Israel.

By the way… Isn’t this position in direct conflict with the Bush Doctrine of not negotiating with terrorists?

Barry Rubin explains to the US State Department why there is a Hamas-Israel War.
They really should read this.

UPDATE: Condi asks Egypt to hold talks with Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

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