(Dead?) Bin Laden Lashes Out at Vatican– Vatican Responds

(Dead?) Osama Bin Laden released a shoddy video yesterday on the anniversary of the Iraq War.
“To the Intelligent People of the European Union”
He ranted about Bush, the pope, and promised a “severe reaction” for the European publication of the Mohammad cartoons.

OBL also said the cartoons were worse than the slaughter of women and children.

The Jawa Report says the video is old and declares OBL dead.
Laura Mansfield has the transcript.

Working on a shoestring budget, Al-Qaeda resorted to stealing images from the movie “300” in their latest production.


The Vatican responded to the latest message.
Via Reuters and Report on Arrakis:

The Vatican rejected on Thursday new accusations by al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden that the publication of cartoons mocking Islam’s Prophet Mohammad was part of a “new crusade” involving Pope Benedict.

“These accusations are totally unfounded,” the chief Vatican spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi told Reuters, in response to an audio recording by bin Laden which was posted on the Internet to coincide with the birthday of the founder of Islam.

Italian security officials were examining the new bin Laden message and its impact on the Pope, who is heading into busy Easter weekend celebrations.

The CIA determined the voice on the recordings was Bin Laden.

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