Colombia: FARC Has Uranium– Working On Dirty Bomb! …Update: Chavez Charged With Genocide …Update: Democrats Attack Colombia!

UPDATE: Colombian President Uribe charges Hugo Chavez with genocide for aiding in FARC terrorist mass murders!

Captured documents from the computer of Raul Reyes, a top FARC leader killed in an ambush this past weekend, have given authorities a treasure trove of information on the FARC.

Captured FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) documents revealed Monday that both Ecuadorean president Rafael Correa (right) and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez are in bed with the Marxist FARC terrorists of Colombia.
The documents also show that Hugo Chavez has pledged $300 million to the FARC and that he has been in bed with the FARC terror group since 1992.

Colombian officials on Tuesday said that FARC rebels are working on a radioactive bomb and that they had purchased 50 kilograms of uranium this month. The information was discovered after Colombian forces ambushed a FARC base and captured a top terrorist’s computer this weekend.
Reuters reported:


Colombia said on Tuesday that FARC rebels had been planning to make a “dirty bomb” with radioactive material, threatening the entire Latin American region.

The charges by Vice-President Francisco Santos, at the United Nations-sponsored Conference on Disarmament, marked a dramatic turn in a regional crisis that has seen Venezuela and Ecuador cut diplomatic ties with Colombia.

Bogota has already accused Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez of funding the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas, after Colombian forces crossed into Ecuador and killed a senior rebel commander on Saturday, sparking troop movements and warnings of war.

“Just yesterday (Monday) our national police submitted an initial report regarding the content of two computers found with Raul Reyes, second in command of FARC, who was killed last Saturday,” Santos said.

They contained “information from one commander to another indicating that FARC was apparently negotiating for radioactive material, the primary basis for generating dirty weapons of mass destruction and terrorism,” he added.

Hugo Chavez defended FARC back in January saying it was a “real army” not a terrorist group.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the computer documents revealed the sale of 700 kilograms of cocaine valued at $1.5 million.

Daniel at Venezuela News and Views has much more from the region.

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EXPLOSIVE NEWS– Chavez Paid $300 Million to FARC!

UPDATE: Colombian President Alvaro Uribe says he will ask the International Criminal Court to bring charges against President Hugo Chavez for financing genocide- BBC.

UPDATE 2: Democrats continued to attack pro-US Colombia today!!
House Democratic leader Rep. George Miller attacked Colombia.

Democratic hacks are attacking pro-US Colombia in its hour of need.

Democrats continued to pander to US unions and international Leftists today and attacked Colombia on outrageous charges of judicial misconduct. Colombia has knocked down death to unionists by 90% under pro-US Uribe but this is not good enough for US Democrats who continue to punish our great South American ally.
Here is more background on the outrageous attacks on Colombia by US democrats.

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