Chicago Columnist: "Whites Don't Get It, Blacks Do- Let's Move On"

Wright caught in undeserved political glare
Whites don’t get it, blacks do — and it’s time to move on

Some people still don’t get it, alright…
Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell insists that “big-hearted” Jeremiah Wright was “undeservedly” pushed into the spotlight:

We get it. A lot of white people were offended by snippets of sermons by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.

But frankly, critics and those who are supporting a candidate other than Sen. Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination have gotten all of the mileage they can out of this debate.

At this point, Obama has done all he can do to put this matter to rest.

…As it is, the political warfare has thrust Wright, a man with a charismatic leadership style, a big-hearted nature, and grass-roots organizing skills, into an undeserved spotlight.

Yes, undeserved.

…Abraham Lincoln once said: “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”

But in this case, those who have held their peace about Wright aren’t cowards. They are politically astute enough to know that this battle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers.

As for Obama and his wife, Michelle, this episode must have been devastating.

There are few places in this world that one can find the kind of peace(?) and camaraderie that is found among those of the same faith.

Yet at a time when Obama and his family needed it most, their sacred relationship with their church was tossed adrift by people who couldn’t care less.

Like I said, we get it.

Now let’s move on.

Sorry Mary, having your minister scream “G-d Damn America” may be OK with you. But to most of America cursing at the pulpit is nothing but vulgar behavior.

Nahanni added this:


Whenever they say “it is time to move on” you know two things.

1. They know there is no way to defend their position.

2. They arrogantly expect us to be good little sheeple and quit asking all those embarrassing questions and do as we are told.

Memo to Mary Mitchell:

You don’t “get it”, honey.

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