Brrrr… Record Snowfall Slams Ohio River Valley

Record snowfall blasted Ohio on Saturday.

This NOAA satellite image taken Sunday, March 9, 2008 at 1:45 a.m. EST shows clouds in the Northeast associated with an exiting storm that continues to produce snow through New England. Dry conditions are noted finally in the Ohio Valley.

Record snows fell in Columbuas, Ohio on Saturday breaking previous record set in 1910.
The AP reported:

The heavy winter storm dumped more than 20 inches of snow on Columbus on Saturday, while blizzard conditions shut down highways and stranded air travelers in the region.

The storm eventually swept into the East Coast, battering Pennsylvania and New Jersey with a line of thunderstorms. By early Sunday, tens of thousands were left without electric power.

High winds in Ohio whipped the snow into 3-foot-tall drifts in some places and cut visibility to less than a quarter mile, the National Weather Service said.

“We will get through this,” Gov. Ted Strickland said Saturday. “The snow will stop, the wind will cease, and the sun will shine. But until that happens we need to be smart, take care of ourselves and attempt to be helpful to others.”

The storm, which rolled in Friday, dumped 20.4 inches of snow on Columbus, breaking the city’s previous record of 15.3 inches set in February 1910, the weather service said. Cincinnati and Cleveland received about a foot of snow.

Pedestrian carrying a child crosses a snowy street as the snow continues piling up Saturday, March 8, 2008 in Columbus, Ohio. A foot of snow buried parts of the Ohio and Tennessee valleys early Saturday, shutting down travel and many public events. Blizzard warnings remained in effect in Ohio, with winter storm warnings from Tennessee to upstate New York and northern Maine. Wind up to 35 mph whipped the snow and cut visibility to less than a quarter mile in places, the weather service said. (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato)


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UPDATE: Determined in their lunacy… The international Greens now say that carbon emissions must reach “0” to avoid global warming.
I don’t know about the Global Warming religionists, but it looks like we could all use a little warming.

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