Are Liberal Executives Wiping Out Conservative Talk Radio?

Conservative talk radio host and activist Melanie Morgan was cut from KSFO talk radio yesterday.

Melanie left this statement for her loyal listeners:

I lost a job today, but I didn’t lose a child. I didn’t lose a limb. And I didn’t lose my passion for our troops.

My great friend Debbie Lee, whose son Marc Alan Lee, the first Navy Seal to die in the fighting in Iraq, called me to console me about being laid-off today.

I was thunder-struck by her deep generosity, AND the fact that everything in life must be kept in perspective.

Yes, I was laid off and I am sorry to be leaving all my friends from ABC/Citadel Broadcasting. I have some personal grieving to do. And I lost the ability to speak to millions of listeners at KSFO, and on the Internet. (Temporarily.)

But I will NEVER forget the true loss and grief of Gold Star Families who have suffered real agony in the name of our Country, those who fight for the rights of all us to live, breathe and enjoy our freedom.

I want to thank all the KSFO listeners who have supported our causes over the years, and urge them to stay tuned to Lee Rodgers and Officer Vic, as well as my friend Brian Sussman.

I love you all and I’m grateful for nearly 15 years of fellowship, friendship, passion and committment.

I’m not done yet –we’ve got a lot more work ahead of us.
Join me and Move America Forward as we march forward.

And, please keep clicking on my website.

With Deepest Appreciation,

Her voice of reason will surely be missed.
Michelle Malkin has more on the decision by Citadel-ABC Broadcasting.

Brian Maloney at The Radio Equalizer has been following the story for months and reported that there are now calls for failed CEO Farid Suleman of Citadel to step down.
Farid Suleman is a committed liberal.

Citadel’s stock is down 87% in just the last year.
Yet, Farid still has a job(?)
It looks like it’s almost as if Farid is running the business in the ground on purpose. How can you possibly achieve such miserable results?
And, how do you manage to keep your job with results like this?
Or… Maybe ABC just wants out of the radio broadcasting business?


I’m not the only one wondering what is going on here.
JD Long left this comment on Radio Equalizer:

You may not be willing to make this connect-the-dots, but I will.

1.) Suleman is a noted liberal.

2.) He goes to great lengths to acquire the largest Talk Radio network there is; ABC networks.

3.) The year of a Presidential election, he runs it into the ground.

Suleman has everything to gain politically from this debacle; and is set financially already from his grossly inflated compensation.

Somewhere, George Soros is laughing out loud.

Yes, liberals are certainly getting a kick out of this bad news.
ABC-Citadel will have a tough time surviving this downturn.
But, maybe that was the plan.
Or, maybe it’s just an accident?

UPDATE: Radio Equalizer has more on the Partisan Motives behind this week’s bloodbath.

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