Anarchists Plan on Preventing Super Delegates From Voting

As if the nominating process has not been stressful enough for the Democratic Party…
Now a Leftist group plans on preventing delegates from reaching the convention center to vote during the DNC National Convention in Denver this August.

** Slapstick has the full details.

Here is a map one of the groups released that pinpoints their targets including hotels, banks, military recruitment centers, and governmental and police offices:

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And, here is the announcement of their plan to disrupt the delegate voting:


**TUESDAY AUG 26: Environmental Issues/ No Global Warming Day

Tuesday is the day when all the delegates put in their vote for who will represent the Democrats in the election, BUT THEY ONLY HAVE UNTIL 6PM TO VOTE and it is a long, arduous process. We encourage people to focus on ways to stop the delegates from getting to the Pepsi center to vote.

Our targets: hotels, intersections, and transportation systems. Special attention will be given to keeping the so called “super-delegates” (what funny comic book characters they would be…) from being able to attend the vote. ALL TACTICS WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED!!! Come prepared with a plan and
ready to make a stand with your affinity group and friends.

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