Ugly Politics: Zapatero & Socialists Blast Catholic Church

The Zapatero Government is taking on the Catholic Church in Spain ahead of national elections.

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero smiles during a Socialist Party meeting in Orense February 1, 2008. (REUTERS/Miguel Vidal)

Earlier in January the Spanish Socialist Government attacked a Catholic Church rally honoring the family.
Typically Spanish reported:

Commenting on Friday about the Socialist party’s response to the Catholic Church rally held in defence of the family in Madrid the previous Sunday, when Bishops and Cardinals criticised aspects of government policy, Alfredo Dagnino, President of the Asociación Católica de Propagandistas, said that the government intended ‘to strip public life of religious beliefs, and to build belief on individualism – a theory with ‘similar roots’ to the Third Reich or to Marxist countries.

On Thursday the Spanish Church urged voters today to support candidates who support the sanctity of life and who don’t negotiate with terrorists.


Last night Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero lashed out at the Spanish Church again saying they have fallen into the temptation of using terrorism in their arguments (fear-mongering).

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