The Difference Between Dems & Republicans- Maverick Edition

** Democratic “mavericks” are viciously attacked, harassed, called a nazi, stalked and disowned by the party:

Former Democratic vice-presidential nominee Joe Lieberman was painted in blackface after going against his party and staunchly supporting the War on Terror.

This democratic maverick was later forced to run as an independent after the party withdrew their support because of his bold stands on national security.

This week the liberal maverick was further stripped of his democratic “superdelegate” status.

The liberal St. Louis Post Dispatch this week even claimed that maverick Senator Lieberman was a Republican— Joe Lieberman is a Democrat who ran as an Independent candidate in Connecticut after losing the primary to the Far Left of the Democratic party. Joe Lieberman has never been a Republican and has a higher liberal voting record than Senator McCain’s conservative voting record.


** Republicans nominate their mavericks for president.

Ace of Spades has the scoop on the maverick Republican.

UPDATE: Right Wing Nuthouse posted a copy of McCain’s exected CPAC speech today.

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